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Evaluation and Treatment

Our treatment approach is to look at all the symptoms and use the simplest approach to effect healing in the shortest amount of time.

Dr. Elser finds that the basic level of care in the beginning resolves most, if not all, of her patients’ concerns.  If there are still some symptoms remaining, she adds other approaches to get the desired results.

  • Initial Consultation with or without Treatment $75.00
  • Treatment and Follow-up Visits $65.00

Classical Chinese Medicine

Rectifies your body so that it functions normally

Chinese Herbology
  • Uses plants, minerals, and animal parts
  • Can be consumed internally
    • Raw herbs for a tea or added to food
    • Prepared herbs come in powder, capsule, syrup, pill
  • Can be used externally in a pack or wash
  • Acupuncture is more than needles
    • Gua Sha technique – used for children; and home care facial treatments
    • Moxibustion – activates channels of energy through type of herbs burned and heat
  • Uses only sterile, disposable needles
Chinese Nutrition
  • Turns a healthy diet into a healing diet
  • Uses food and herbs to enhance diet for health benefits
  • Classifies food according to benefits

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